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Facts on Forests and Forestry

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1 Introduction – Measuring progress towards sustainable forest management
2 How much forest is there on the planet and at what rate is it disappearing?
3 How can forests affect climate change?
4 What is the biological diversity of the world’s forests?
5 How healthy are the world’s forests?
6 What products are extracted from forests?
7 What are the protective effects of forests?
8 What are the economic and social benefits of forests?
9 Are forests managed in a sustainable way?
10 Conclusions

  A faithful summary of the "Global Forest Resources Assessment"
  produced in 2005 by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). More...


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About this study on Forests and Forestry

The Level 3 of this study has been drafted in 2002 by Dr Nicholas Menzies while he was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, College of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley. He was helped in this task by Dr Elisabeth Grinspoon.

The Levels 2 and 1 are summaries of the Level 3 text, drafted by the External linkGreenFacts staff under the supervision of Dr Menzies.

Please note that this study is mainly devoted to the environmental aspects of forest and forestry. It does not cover some other important aspects such as the socio-economic roles of forest exploitation.

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Note on ForestFacts.org

This study was commissionned by External linkGreenFacts, whose purpose is to publish on GreenFacts.org unbiased summaries of authoritative reference scientific documents produced by reputable international organization.

This study is not a GreenFacts Digest because its Level 3 is a document prepared by a single author rather than an existing reference scientific document. Therefore GreenFacts chose to create this satellite website ForestFacts.org rather than publishing it on GreenFacts.org. The views expressed in this document are the views of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by GreenFacts.

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